Frederick County won Soils in 2022

At the State competition this year, instead of using soils books, students will use tablets to access the web soil survey. Web soil survey is the most up-to-date tool for soils in Maryland, and it is what soil scientists and other professionals use, and it can be accessed by anyone! See our Guide to Accessing Web Soil Survey (powerpoint). And here is an Outline of the Web Soil Survey Power Point presentation.

Take the 2021 Soils Practice Virtual Test for soils to get a feel for how the virtual exam will be. Get the answers with the 2021 Soils Practice Virtual Test KEY

From the Surface Down Guide: This guide introduces soil surveys for agronomic use, and discusses soil horizons, how soil is formed, soil properties, and management information

Drainage Classes in Maryland : This guide illustrates what characteristics different soil drainage classes will exhibit.

Guide for Estimating Soil Texture by Feel : This guide provides step by step instructions on how to use texture to illuminate the characteristic features of soils with different percent sand, silt, and clay.

How To Use a Clinometer : This guide helps students properly use a clinometer for measuring slope in the field.

Soil Scorecard Guidance Info : This guide explains what type of questions will be on the exam.

Soil Study Guide- Revised 2017 This guide gives an overview of all soils including horizons, soil formation, agricultural best management practices, and more.

Soil Structures used in Soil Health This document provides photos illustrating what types of soil structure look like for determining soil health.

Virtual Q and A from 2021