Upcoming Events

2021 Maryland Event
Location: Virtual
Date: April 26-29
5th Issue Topic: not testing at state level this year
Competitions will occur virtually. There will not be any regional or county competitions this year, so all schools who would like to participate are invited to join. We will have several zoom training sessions with instructors and be adding new video training resources. Students will still work in teams of five to complete the tests. Monday April 26 will be soil, Tuesday will be Forestry, Wednesday will be wildlife, and Thursday will be Aquatics. Tests will be done on the ELMS platform (related to Canvas) that University of Maryland uses. Teams can access the platform all day, but once the test is started they only have a specified time to finish.

2021 National Event- Virtual
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Dates: July 25- 31st

5th Issue Topic: Water Resource Management: Local Control and Local Solutions
Website: https://www.envirothon.org/