Job/College Resources

If you are a high school student interested in a career in natural resources, Envirothon is a great way to learn more about what jobs are out there. All of our trainings are done by professionals in each field, and we strive to teach the skills and tools needed for careers in environmental and natural resource related fields. Feel free to ask questions to any of our experts who provide the trainings and grade the tests.

NRCS Earth Team Volunteers: Volunteers 14 and older can work with their local Natural Resource Conservation Service office to work with conservation professionals on private lands to improve soil quality, conserve water, improve air quality and enhance wildlife habitat. Opportunities available for full-time or part time positions that are indoors or outdoors, and can be in a group or individually.

Natural Resources Careers Camp: This week long camp provides hands on experiences for high school students interested in a career or academic study of natural resources. It is hosted by the Maryland Forestry Board at Camp Hickory in Garrett County.

Maryland DNR Internships: Get professional experience working at Department of Natural Resources in with various internship opportunities such as working with fish and boating services, resource assessment services, or engineering and construction.

Maryland DNR Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer your time and get connected with Department of Natural Resources in fields such as fisheries, state parks, natural resources police, stream monitoring, and tree planting.

University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: This state school is located in College Park, MD and comprehensive academic programs covering various topics in agriculture, environmental technology, food science, natural resources and much more. They also have Extension Agencies located throughout the state that provide resources for people to learn about best practices for farming, nutrition, gardening, and more.

Garrett College: This community college located in Garrett County offers associate degrees in several natural resource related fields and has some very hands-on, career focused classes.

Description of some Natural Resource Careers: A sheet with brief descriptions of jobs in wildlife, aquatics, forestry, and even the natural resource police.

Weed Warriors: weed warriors are a volunteer position that help control invasive weeds in community open spaces. There are several counties and cities that have their own program including Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, PG CountyBaltimore City, Bowie, Rockville, and more!

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: CBF has lots of opportunities to volunteer with oyster recovery, restoring shorelines and streams, planting trees, advocacy, education, and more.

Chesapeake Conservation Corps:  This 1 year program through Chesapeake Bay Trust pairs 18-25 year olds with groups in the Chesapeake Bay region to provide work experience of a full time job in their field, and lots of professional development and networking opportunities.

Local Waterkeeper Groups: Many local waterkeeper groups have opportunities for volunteering doing water quality testing, education, advocacy, tree plantings, trash clean ups, and more!

4 H Clubs: These clubs are located throughout the state and cater to many different interests that can range from raising dairy cows, to canning tomatoes, to building robots, to environmental science experiments, and the list continues.


University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Each member of the top three teams gets a scholarship up to $500 if they choose to go to UMD College of Ag and Natural Resources.  

Maryland Grain Producers Scholarship: Each year 4 students are awarded $2,500. To be eligible your immediate family must produce grain.

Maryland 4H Scholarship: Here are multiple scholarships available to current 4Hers or 4H alumni. 

Ben Meadows Natural Resource Scholarship: This scholarship provides up to $2,500 of college tuition from the Society of American Foresters.