2021 Maryland State Envirothon will be going virtual on April 26-29. There will be a fun event on April 25th to kick it off. Monday, April 26 will be Soils test, Tuesday, April 27 Forestry, Wednesday, April 28 Wildlife, and Thursday, April 29 Aquatics. There is no 5th Issue this year. The winning team will compete virtually in the NCF competition. 

The Envirothon is a fun and exciting way for high school students in grades 9-12 to learn about the natural world around us. Envirothon teams are made up of 5 students who work together to study Maryland’s natural resources over the course of the school year. All topics are very hands-on and include practical skills and the trainings taught by experts in each field.

Topics include:

Aquatics Students explore complex under-water ecosystems with marine and freshwater biologists. They also learn how wetlands and buffers contribute to healthy streams.

Forestry Maryland foresters will teach how to identify tree species and determine a tree’s height and age. Students also learn management techniques for healthy and productive forestry resources.

Soils Students work alongside soil scientists to learn about profiling and mapping techniques used to determine soil characteristics for farming and developing activities.

Wildlife Students learn first hand from wildlife managers about animal populations and dynamics in Maryland and the importance of preserving wildlife habitat.

5th IssueEvery year there is a different current environmental topic. Past topics include urban trees, conservation and agriculture, invasive species, and many more.

The first wave of competitions begins in the spring with local teams competing for the county Envirothon title. The county winner advances to the statewide Maryland Envirothon. This 2 day competition is usually held in June and features a hands-on training day in all 5 resource areas as well as number of fun events including a pizza and ice cream party. The winner of the Maryland Envirothon earns the right to represent the state at the NCF-Envirothon.

Calvert County won the 2019 Maryland Envirothon, and went to the NCF-Envirothon where they placed 10th at the competition hosted by North Carolina.
If you want to be part of Envirothon, you can contact your school’s science department or your local soil conservation district to see if a program exists in your school. If a program does not exist, then your local soil conservation district can help you get one started! Youth groups, Scouts, FFA, 4H, and other teen organizations can also form teams.

If you have any questions contact the Maryland State Envirothon Coordinator Craig Hartsock  (301) 707-6042 or chartsock@atlanticbbn.net