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2015 Rules & Regulations

  1. Students, who are enrolled in grades 9-12 of the current school year, are eligible to compete. A student is eligible, if they have participated in a county Envirothon in the county in which they attend high school, in the current competition year. Each student shall participate in only one county Envirothon event per school year. Student teams may be formed from a high school, 4-H club, FFA chapter, or any other sanctioned local, regional, state, or nationally recognized club that sponsors youth in grades 9-12.
  2. A registration fee of $500.00 will be assessed to each Soil Conservation District, the City of Baltimore, or any additional team that attends the Maryland Envirothon. A first year attending team will be granted a waiver. The registration fee will be used toward expenses of the Maryland Envirothon manual and subsequent yearly updates, and the Maryland Envirothon competition. The fee is non-refundable if a team is unable to participate or cancels within one month of the competition.
  3. Each Soil Conservation District and the City of Baltimore is welcome to send one winning team to the Maryland Envirothon. The District of Columbia (or any other additional team) is also invited to send a team to the Maryland competition but will be responsible for reimbursement to the Maryland Envirothon for room and meal costs. However, the District of Columbia team will not compete against the Maryland teams for the right to represent Maryland at the North American Envirothon.
  4. Each team will consist of five members.
  5. Once each County Envirothon competition have taken place and winners identified, the teams representing their respective counties are prohibited from visiting the site of the Maryland Envirothon competition.
  6. Illegal drugs are not permitted. Any member of a team under 21 years of age using tobacco against State Law, and/or any team member that has possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, or weapons (including but not limited to: fire arms, pocket knives, hunting knives, Leatherman/all purpose tools, and/or self protection sprays) will cause disqualification of the entire team from the competition.
  7. The Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee requires a completed and signed health form and is to be informed of all participants taking prescription drugs and any medical condition including medication administered by an inhaler or mechanical device, special diets, allergies, and special learning and/or training disabilities. Upon such notification, the Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee will make any reasonable accommodations within their limits. All medications must be labeled with the name of the medication, name of the patient, name of the physician, date and directions (e.g. specific dose for administration). Prescription medication must be labeled by a registered pharmacist unless ordered from a pharmaceutical company. Safe refrigeration will be supplied by the committee if needed.
  8. If there are both male and female members on a team, a male and female advisor must be provided for the team during the Maryland Envirothon. This action must occur prior to the beginning of the Maryland Envirothon. A District employee can serve as an advisor. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the disqualification of the team.
  9. Advisors will be responsible to ensure that teams display proper conduct and respect during the competition and at the host facility. In most host facilities, overseeing final clean-up of rooms by the teams is also the responsibility of the advisor.
  10. At least one advisor must be on site at all times. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the disqualification of the team.
  11. Because of liability, team members and advisors MUST honor specific rules put forward by the host facility. These rules will be spelled out in the first orientation and normally require such actions as whether the advisors and students remain on site, areas that are off limits, whether or not swimming/boating is allowed, etc. Details of these rules will be provided in writing to each advisor at that time. Failure to follow these rules can lead to legal problems if there is an accident.
  12. Meals and housing for the participating teams and advisors will be the responsibility of the Maryland Envirothon Program.
  13. Transportation and meals in route to the Maryland Envirothon will be the responsibility of participating Soil Conservation District.
  14. Any team or team member that break(s) any rules will cause the disqualification of the entire team.

Competition Rules

  1. The competition will be conducted by the Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee which is made up of Conservation District personnel and cooperating resource agencies and/or independent environmental organization personnel.
  2. The Maryland Envirothon competition may consist of two (2) parts: 1) an oral presentation of 8-10 minutes and 2) the test scores from each of the five resource areas. Teams will be required to participate in the presentation portion, which will be a 6th test station at the Maryland Envirothon, in order to be eligible to win 1st, 2nd, or 3 rd place, and the right to represent Maryland at the North American Envirothon. The presentation scores will be factored into the overall cumulative score determining the Maryland Envirothon winner. Overall scores will be determined at equal 1/6th value for each of the 5 resource stations and the oral presentation.
    1. In the event of no oral presentations, scoring will consist of one (1) part: the test scores from each of the five resource areas. Overall scores will be determined at equal 1/5th value for each of the 5 resource stations.
  3. Attire: For the competition- all team members must wear Maryland Envirothon t-shirts and no county identification. Displaying any county identification is a grievous action by other teams.
  4. During the Envirothon competition, advisors, Soil Conservation District personnel and parents are welcome to travel from station to station and observe the event. However, they should make every effort to stay apart from their own team by traveling with a team from another county or staying well back from the station. Aiding their own team or the perception of aiding is a grievous action by another team.
  5. Teams will be issued a clipboard at the beginning of the competition. At each station they will be given a test to complete. All materials/guides/keys/equipment and other reference materials needed to complete the test will be available at the station. Teams are not allowed to carry any other materials/equipment, etc. with them during the competition.
  6. The winning team that will represent Maryland at the North American Envirothon will be the team with the highest cumulative total points. In case of a tie in scores between two or more teams: the team with the highest score in the Environmental Issue area will take the lead. If this also results in a tie score, then the team with the highest score in Soils will take the lead. Beyond these tie breakers, a winner will be determined by the highest score in the following order: Aquatics, Forestry, and Wildlife.
  7. Should a finding or awarding of points be disputed by an advisor, the Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee has set up an independent jury to hear the dispute and make a ruling. The decision of this jury will be final. Any disputes or concerns are to be formally presented in writing within one hour of the end of the competition, duly signed by the advisor or their representative (or as explained by the Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee prior to the competition).

Student Forms
Advisor Forms

Letter of Intent - Advisor
Presentation Judges Criteria
How to be a Star Speaker (Chris Palmer, American University School of Communication)

Electronic Equipment Policy

  1. To ensure fairness and equity during the Maryland Envirothon Program, all cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, audio equipment, tape recorders, etc. must be relinquished to the advisors at the initial onset of the Maryland Envirothon Program. Students may use these items only after the activities held in the evening, set forth by the Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee, have concluded. At that time, the students may use the cell phone to contact their parents or guardians. When finished with the phone call, the cell phone must be returned back to the advisor.
  2. Cameras and video equipment are not to be used during the Training portion of the Maryland Envirothon. Cameras may be used during the Competition portion by the advisors only for promotional and recognition purposes.
  3. Students are not allowed to have access to or use computers or laptops. Advisors may use them for personal use only, during the Maryland Envirothon.
  4. Any student caught using an electronic device before Envirothon activities are finished for the day, will receive a 25 point reduction. The 25 point reduction will be applied to the team’s total test score. For example, if a 5-member team were to have 5 students break the rule, that team would have a total deduction of 125 points.
  5. The Maryland Envirothon is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices nor the replacement cost of student electronic devices brought to the competition.


  1. An evaluation form will be developed by the Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee. Cooperating agencies, advisors and participants involved in the competition will be requested to complete an evaluation of the competition following the competition. The suggestions by the participants will aid the Maryland Envirothon Steering Committee in making the Maryland Envirothon a strong, dynamic learning experience for everybody.
  2. Rules and regulations of the Maryland Envirothon are subject to change. Any and all changes will be explained in advance to all teams and advisors.

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