Past Events

Envirothon started in Pennsylvania in 1979 as the “Environmental Olympics” hosed by PA soil conservation districts. It grew from there and later became known as “Envirothon”. Maryland joined in 1990 and hosted the National competition in 1992. In 2003, Maryland hosted again, and our most recent hosting was in 2017 at Mount Saint Mary’s College. Teams from over 50 US states, Canadian provinces, and even as far off as China competed. MPT’s Maryland Farm & Harvest followed some of the Maryland team in this video.

Past Topics for 5th Issue

Past Winners

YearLocationWinning TeamSCDLocation NationalsNational RankTopicScore
2016Mt. St. Mary's UniversityVenturing Crew 202CarrollOntario5 (52)Invasive Species2016
2015St. Mary's CollegeVenturing Crew 202CarrollMI7 (52)Urban Forestry2015
2014Camp PecomethVenturing Crew 202CarrollN/AN/ASustainable Local Ag/Locally Grown2014
2013Western MD 4H Edu. CenterHarford ChristianHarfordMT17 (57)Sustainable Rangeland Management2013
2012St. James SchoolHarford ChristianHarfordPA7 (54)Non-point Source Pollution/ Low Impact Development2012
2011St. Mary's CollegeLenardtown HSSt. Mary'sNJ24 (54)Salt & Freshwater Estuaries2011
2010Schmidt CenterVenturing Crew 202CarrollCA5 (54)Protection of Groundwater through Urban, Ag. & Env. Planning2010
2009Mt. St. Mary's UniversityVenturing Crew 202CarrollNC3 (52)Biodiversity in a Changing World2009
2008Harford GlenHarford ChristianHarfordAZ20 (54)Recreational Impacts on Natural Resources2008
2007U.M. Eastern ShoreWalkersville HSFrederickNY16 (53)Alternative/Renewable Energy2007
2006Schmidt CenterClear Springs HSWashingtonManitoba15 (52)Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate2006
2005Harford GlenQueen Anne's HSQueen Anne'sMO22 (50)Cultural Landscapes2005
2004Mt. St. Mary's UniversityMontgomery Blair HSMontgomeryWV11 (51)Natural Resource Management in Urban Env.2004
2003Schmidt CenterMontgomery Blair HSMontgomeryMD5 (47)Ag. Land Conservation & Preservation2003
2002Harford GlenClear Springs HSWashingtonMA14 (49)Introduced Species & their Effect on Biodiversity2002
2001Schmidt CenterJoppatown HSHarfordMI7 (49)Urban Non-Point Source Pollution2001
2000Garrett 4H ParkJoppatown HSHarfordNova Scotia12 (49)Wetlands2000
1999Schmidt CenterFallston HSHarfordCA4 (46)Wildfire Management1999
1998Smith CenterFallston HSHarfordMI2 (43)Watersheds1998
1997HashawhaJoppatown HSHarfordPA2 (37)Pesticides1997
1996Grove Point Girl Scouts CampMiddletown HSCatocinNE2 (33)Greenways1996
1995Garrett 4H ParkMiddletown HSCatocinID6 (30)Groundwater
1994Schmidt CenterJoppatown HSHarfordNC4 (23)--
1993Schmidt CenterCambridge S. Dorchester HSDorchesterNY1 (20)--
1992Camp TockwaughKent HSKentMD6 (14)--
1991Garrett 4H ParkCambridge S. Dorchester HSDorchesterMD----
1990--Beall HSAlleghany--5 (5)--